While it’s tempting to believe there is a diminishing role for traditional advertising, the truth is that nothing delivers the speed and scale of attitudinal and behavioural change quite like advertising. Put simply, big brands need big ideas to solve big problems. Importantly, the way we develop and deliver those big ideas uses every opportunity enabled by new technology. Data allows us to understand people at a depth never before imagined. New media gives us razor-sharp targeting. And the social loop enables testing, measurement and amplification. At Ogilvy, we believe in powerful advertising and ideas that drive people to think and feel differently. Ideas that people talk about.

  • Business & Brand Analysis
    Identifying and articulating the business problem is the single most important thing we do. After all, if you don’t know the question, it’s difficult to know if the answer is right. That’s why we spend a significant part of the advertising process exploring, dissecting and debating the Business Ambition, Source of Business, Barriers to Success, and Role of Advertising.

  • Human Intelligence
    We also seek to understand our audiences as thoroughly and intimately as possible, which allows us to identify insights that will help drive relevance for the brands we work on. This understanding comes from a number of sources and research, including: Ethnography, Data Profiling, Cultural Tension Identification and Behavioural Science.
  • Creative Discovery
    At the heart of everything we do are creative ideas, and though creativity should never be born out of a rigid process, we do have tools, techniques and practices that aid the discovery and development of compelling, evocative, advertising creative ideas. These include identifying the ‘Creative Ambition’ for each project, Ogilvy’s bespoke “Do” Brief, running ‘Creative Hothouses’, and having a fully integrated creative department, rather than specialists existing in silos.
  • Advertising Innovation
    The biggest change in communications is the way that ideas come to life. That’s why we leverage mobile, data, and new technologies, to create leading-edge advertising. From Creative Technology to Mobile Strategy, and Partner Eco-Systems and Data Strategy, we ensure that the big ideas we develop are complimenting – or are ahead of – the innovation that is a part of consumer’s everyday lives.