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Art doesn’t have just one meaning. And neither does The Museum Of Contemporary Art Australia. For us to get our message across, we had to do something pretty big, especially when you consider the museum is located between the iconic Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. So, we handed our name over to the public – becoming a blank canvas for people to express what the gallery means to them.


The museum that made a name for itself.

Using our MCA acronym as a platform we invited people to tell us what the MCA means to them – and gave our new names a place to shine on the side of our famous building. Online or via our onsite activation people could express what the gallery means to them. From Mind Changing Art, Multi Cultural Artists, Modern Cultural Awakening or even Messy Children Allowed – we had given people a platform that became an ever-changing piece of art. At the end of our campaign we had shown people the truly meaning of contemporary art and the MCA was to find your own meaning within it.


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