To meme, or not to meme?

One of the first things I wrote down in my brand new bright red Ogilvy notebook was ‘tell a story’.

So, here’s a quick tale about graduating from Goliath to Social. 

NB: Social involves way more than memes. There are GIFS too.

TFW you’re introduced to your new team…

…as an intern,

and you’re like HEY, I’m a GRAD.

You’re a keen bean – you’ll help anyone, with anything!

First department challenge: presentation skills. 

Your boss wants you to perfect your skills in by exploring the theme ‘What Don’t You Know’. This is daunting.

Points are awarded for:




In the process you realise there’s a lot you don’t know, and a lot you need to learn.

Around the office, foreign words and references fly at you. Think:


native advertising,

snackable content.

Someone even asks: “Hey, are we internalling now?” 😳

You experience a scandal, 

and begin to question the prevalence of AI within the human race.

There’s a whole new world of content calendars, PPMs and briefs.

A world governed by Wrike tickets and timesheets – please please don’t make me start doing timesheets!!

A world in which anything’s possible, preferably within the square format.

A world in which the friendliest team collaborate to




The second thing I wrote down in my notebook was ‘Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.’

To work in an environment where this is possible, and actually encouraged – well, that’s better than fried chicken.

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