The three things I love about Advertising

Advertising combines all three things I love: creativity, psychology and global work.


Creativity: One of my all-time favourite advertisements is Cadbury’s Gorilla advert in 2007. Cliché; I’m aware. However, this showcases just how amazingly creative advertisements can be. It’s not Beyonces’ Lemonade, but the cultural longevity that a Gorilla playing drums to a classic 1981 ballad holds, is beyond imaginable.


Psychology: ‘English’ by Poland’s Allegro, is so incredibly beautiful. It made me shed tears… countless times. The focus was Christmas, and the outcome was following a Polish man learn English in anticipation of the big holiday. I’m not going to ruin the end for you, because you must watch it, however the psychology behind this ad is so simple. And in 60 seconds, can leave a lasting impression on you. 


Global work: If you are thinking of applying for the Goliath graduate program, I have a tip: know the Coca Cola ‘Share a Coke’ campaign. The social revolution of advertisements. How best to make the consumer feel a part of the brand than to literally have their names printed on the cans: ‘Turning bottles and cans into social currency’. The advertising world is changing immensely all the time with technology. Working at Ogilvy means you are working with brands that are part of pop culture. This campaign went global, and shows how heavyweight Ogilvy is in the international arena. 


The advertising industry gives you an opportunity to make change, you connect with people through creativity, and you form relationships between consumers and brands. Impressions matter, so it’s important to make a lasting one.


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