A day in the life of Rach

Insight into what life is like for an Ogilvy grad – three and a half months into the Goliath program.

Working at Ogilvy for these past few months, I feel as though I have been a part of the Ogilvy team forever whilst it also seems like only yesterday I was interviewing for the position. One thing I have learnt is that no two days are ever the same. You have to be flexible, walk in to the office everyday prepared to experience the unexpected. Despite this, in the words which follow, I have attempted to articulate a normal day in the life of a Goliath Grad – working on Kimberly Clark.

Monday 1st May: 
8.15am = I live close to our St Leonards office so each morning I walk to work. This time of the morning is beautiful in Sydney, especially in Autumn! 

8.45am = Arrive at work, check emails, make a plan for the day and review what meetings and events my team have this week. 

9am = Our weekly agency status meeting. We discuss what is happening agency wide – including pitches, campaigns that went live, birthdays, work anniversaries and some creative inspiration. 

9.30am = Have coffee with my team, discuss urgent tasks for the day and decide what needs to be our focus for today - what we want to collectively tackle. As a team we lean on each other, at work and out of work.  

10am = Follow up on emails that came through over the weekend. I work on mainly international projects, working closely with Ogilvy offices around the world. The different time zones mean emails are coming through 24/7. 

11am = Work through a U By Kotex (UBK) project with our creative team. Lots of discussion around pads, tampons and periods in general. 

12pm = Lunch time - I have lunch with the other grads in the program a few times a week. We are each working on different clients so it is always interesting to see how different our days are.  

1pm = My team have been working with our global team in London on a research project for UBK, so I spend a few hours this afternoon working through the research. 

3pm = Ogilvy’s Young Turk committee meeting (an exciting internal project we are re-launching soon).  

4pm = Regroup with my team on the UBK project progress then have discussion with client and review the projects next steps. 

5pm = My weekly meeting with my manager – go through my weeks to do list. 

5.30pm = Sort through my inbox - respond on all emails that I hadn’t followed up on. 

6.30pm = Have an afternoon beer with my team and head home for the day.  

Life as a Goliath grad is a complete roller-coaster. There is no such thing as a normal [or boring] day. But there is one thing that is for sure - no matter what comes your way, the people you work with and the amazing work they create, make it all worth it.

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