5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do The Ogilvy Graduate Program

1.    You’ll struggle to pick a team

I’m not talking about choosing which footy team to root for (although my Kiwi parents have had me deliberating whether to back the All Blacks or Wallabies my whole life). I’m referring to selecting which department to complete your grad placement in. And trust me, it’s a decision that gives ‘Sophie’s Choice’ a run for her money. 

Ogilvy is made up of several interesting and fast-paced departments, and as a grad, you’re lucky enough to be exposed to every one of them. During the first five weeks of the program, you spend time with Ogilvy doers from planning, account management, social, production and creative, all of which are stimulating and alluring in their own way. 

Getting a good taste of each department not only clarifies which ones you’re best suited to, but helps you to understand the agency more holistically. As many people have wisely taught me, the best advertisers are all-rounders who know every piece to the Ogilvy puzzle and comprehend the process from start to finish.

In the end, I chose the creative team (and the All Blacks… duh!).


2.    You’ll get star struck 
Us grads were introduced to the big dogs of Ogilvy from the get-go. In fact, we met Foxy on day two. We had a very insightful discussion about the future of advertising and how we can make our mark at Ogilvy. We also talked about Foxy’s dog. It turns out we both have a king charles cavalier… #twins

Over the subsequent couple of weeks, we met all of the heads of department and EXCO members, who aren’t at all as scary as their positions make them seem. They really took the time to show us the ropes and share valuable advice with us. Ryan even gave us lessons on strategy, which he teaches at the prestigious Miami Ad School. 

By getting to know the executive people in the agency, it relieves the intimidation factor and makes you feel comfortable right from the start. 


3.    You’ll be thrown in the deep end
Despite being the new kids on the block, grads are given real responsibilities and real deadlines for actual, real life clients; and pretty dang impressive ones at that. The likes of Coca-Cola, KFC, American Express, IBM, Optus, AAMI and Lion make up Ogilvy Sydney’s portfolio alone. Talk about incredible opportunity to flaunt your ideas and contribute to major, influential campaigns!

And fear not. If you’re struggling, you’ll always have people to help and guide you so that you’re always learning and improving.

So even if you are thrown in the deep end, you’ve got pretty solid life jackets.


4.    You’ll neglect your old friends

People are so friendly, interesting and outgoing at Ogilvy, it’s actually fun hanging out after work with your colleagues. I’ve arrived late to many a Friday event with my friends outside of Ogilvy because I’ve enjoyed staying at work so much. I must say, it certainly helps having our own fully-stocked bar. 

Fingers crossed I can stay for the mid-year party and Snowgilvy weekend 🕺


5.    You’ll put on weight
Ogilvy is so generous with their freebies it’s hard not to gain a few. I’m talking free pizza on the reg, a constant supply of bread, cookies, milo, fruit, cheese and other yummy snacks in the kitchen, a packed bar of wine, beer, cider and Coca-Cola soft drinks, and of course, KFC on Fridays. It’s too finger lickin’ good to resist. 


If you can’t already tell, my headline is just for dramatic effect. Being a part of the Ogilvy Graduate Program is the best career decision I’ve ever made and I couldn’t recommend it more. 

It’s not all finger lickin’ and champagne sippin’, but the brain tickin’ work is just as fulfilling. Get applyin’!  👊


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