The crazy ideas that helped save lives.

Even the craziest and weirdest ideas for getting home are better than driving while over the legal alcohol limit. Our audience’s alcohol drinking occasions were often spontaneous and opportunistic. They didn’t plan to ‘drink and drive’, they just didn’t plan anything else. This resulted in decision-making later when their car was within reach, but their judgement impaired by alcohol. Our strategy was to prevent this group from drink-driving by getting them to consider an alternate way – no matter how whacky it might seem.


RBT means you need a Plan B.

We created a series of fantastical, far-fetched, attention-grabbing travel ideas, that were still better ideas than drink-driving home. They included the DeLorean from ‘Back to the Future’, human cannonballs, teleporters, and flying carpets.

With attention on our side, we then provided our audience with more actionable ideas that promoted the fact that ‘Some Plan B’s are smarter than others’. These included sleeping on a mate’s couch, walking home or catching public transport.

The closer the media placement was to our target market’s drink-driving decision-making moment, the more informative and realistic our Plan B options became, providing a real and smart alternative to getting home.