Changing minds with data.

Ogilvy partnered with Queensland Government to help boost the local ethanol industry by reintroducing drivers to E10 and reversing a decline in sales of the car fuel. To challenge public misperceptions of the fuel’s poor quality, we developed a world first solution that used data and personalisation to reframe the fuel for the individual motorist’s car rather than just relying on a traditional communications approach.

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E10 Compatibility Checker

The campaign’s secret weapon was a sophisticated online tool known as the ‘E10 Compatibility Checker’. Motorists could simply punch in their car rego to reveal if their car was E10 compatible. It then suggested petrol stations selling E10 nearby.

Real impact

This campaign achieved exactly what it set out to - Queenslanders reaching for their smart phones to check if their car was 'E10 OK'.


people checked their registrations

Amy Award

winner of 2017 for Best Digitally Led Marketing Campaign

17% to 21%

increased consideration to use E10


increase E10 sales