The summer campaign.

Research told us that teens like to 'get' things that adults don't understand. It provides them with genuine satisfaction. So we created a world just for them. We launched a limited-edition range of 250ml cans in five new vibrant colours. The cans were in fact codes. Where adults saw coloured cans - teens used their mobile phones to uncover a hidden world. Through world-first mobile image recognition technology, teens used our advertising and the cans themselves, to unlock a hidden world of games, content, celebrities, activations, prizes and instant rewards.



By using a call to action (#colouryoursummer) printed or the cans and placed subtly within our advertising - teens discovered the cans were actually codes that unlocked different things, depending on the combination. Every possible combination of the six cans was a different code. Before the cans appeared in stores, teen bloggers were given a sneak peek and shared their excitement online with fans We worked with celebrities. Instagram stars and teen bands to get teens talking and help leak our little secret But in moss media, we never talked about it.