Breaking the rules for love.

In 2017, the same sex marriage vote divided Australia. Long-term champions of equality, diversity and inclusivity, Coca-Cola wanted to make a very public declaration of their own beliefs - 'No matter who you are or who you love, all couples should be treated equally.' We decided to break the rules surrounding our sacred institution - the Spencerian Script logo - for the very first time in 131 years, to help Australia break the rules surrounding the sacred institution of marriage. The result saw us replace Coca-Cola branding on cans with the word 'LOVE'.


Normalising saying yes

Working closely with the global design team in Atlanta, the cans were designed within 48 hours of the postal vote going public, and in consumers hands 9 days after that. Once the cans hit the shelves, Coke became the poster child of corporate support - helping normalize saying 'yes' to love.

17% increase

in positive sentiment

245% more

effective at increased brand love