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National Breast Cancer Foundation Show Your Support

How the National Breast Cancer Foundation

turned a selfie into a selfless act.


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, when NBCF asks Australians to host a Pink Ribbon Breakfast to raise money for breast cancer research. But in the last few years, registrations and donations had started to decline dramatically as NBCF struggled to stand out in a sea of ‘pink’ charities.


To really motivate women to host a breakfast or donate we needed a simple, sharable idea. One they could all participate in. We created a campaign that united Australian women with the one thing that supports them every day – their bra straps.


We kicked off the campaign in July with traditional advertising, including outdoor, digital and direct mail. Then in October, we went social. United by the call-to-action #ShowYourSupport, social media was filled with selfies of women showing their bra strap and men showing their suspenders.


Here’s a snapshot of what ‘Show your support’ achieved:

  • 35% increase in total funds raised year-on-year. $1,427,171.52 was raised directly from Pink Ribbon Breakfasts with another $463,901.55 raised from merchandise.
  • 132% increase in Pink Ribbon Breakfast registrations when we were budgeting for a 20% decrease from 2014.
  • 166% increase in new Pink Ribbon Breakfast hosts.
  • 177% return on investment.
  • 23% average email open rate and 12% click through rate compared to 3% industry average.
  • 52,000 website visits, up 23% year-on-year.
  • 9% increase in the average donation value and 17% increase in the conversation to donate.
  • 21,573,838 people were reached on social media with 684,000 social engagements, up 19% year-on-year.

Not only did we inspire thousands of Australian women to show their support for life-changing breast cancer research, for the month of October we made the selfie selfless.