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  • Advertising that makes you hate brands

    There is a belief that all advertising does something to grow sales – it’s just that good advertising does it better. Well, that’s the positive side. I suspect there is a huge proportion of your clients running ads that are backfiring – creating negative associations for their brands. This may be at a conscious level. Or simply creeping into the brain insidiously, reinforced again and again over time. So you either dislike the brand immediately. Or come to dislike it slowly, over repeated exposure.

  • What’s a great modern Idea? A lesson from Tunisia.

    It is Effectiveness Awards season in Australia. The entry challenges us to do something most of us in Marketing and Communications do badly: In a handful of words explain your Idea. No. It’s not the end line in the advertising. No. It’s not the title of the campaign. No. It doesn’t sound like: ‘we open on…’ None of these are explanations of the idea. In fact, I’m getting pretty good at identifying what is not the idea. Which isn’t terribly helpful to anyone.

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  • Ogilvy Melbourne lands new campaign for BP

    An Australian-first partnership between BP Australia and Velocity’s Frequent Flyer Rewards program takes centre stage in a new campaign developed by Ogilvy Melbourne, showcasing how customers can now ‘fill up and fly’ to wherever they like – from Thailand to Las Vegas.

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