Coca-Cola Share a Coke



Coca-Cola was no longer deeply connecting with Australians. The brand had lost relevance and it's ‘cool’ factor with Aussies. We needed to do something ground-breaking and innovative; something befitting our iconic status in pop culture.


The idea was as simple as it was brilliant. We printed 150 of Australia’s most popular names on our cans and bottles, boldly changing our biggest piece of real estate: our product.
This, in turn, encouraged Australians to get together, by sharing a good time over a Coke.


Our idea was bigger than just a campaign - it all revolved around the iconic Coke logo.

We changed our cans and bottles. We transformed the heritage-listed Kings Cross advertising billboard sign into an interactive site for the first time since ‘Coca-Cola’ bought it in 1974. We developed interactive kiosks that toured 18 Westfield centres, inviting consumers to personalise a ‘Coca-Cola’ can with any name of their choosing, with people queuing for hours to get a bespoke can. 
Additionally, we developed apps for people who desired to engage with the campaign even deeper. It was the breadth of innovative technology that kept ‘Share-a-Coke’ alive, relevant and engaging over the campaign period, as it fuelled word-of-mouth and social media amongst family and friends.
Such was the success of the campaign it has now been rolled out in over 80 countries across the globe.
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