What will it take to make 2018 great? Top adpeople share their ideas

What would make 2018 great? Ask the person next to you and there are responses you can expect. Real equality, if you’ve asked a woman or someone who’s gay. Either of these events is, in fact, possible – the world is heading that way. World peace. Completely unlikely – man’s inhumanity to man seems to know no bounds. The removal of Trump. It may happen, but would it make any real difference? We’re all still going to make stupid mistakes, besides mocking him is giving so many creative people so much fun.

Winning Lotto? No one really believes that you can’t buy their happiness, but who wants to admit to being greedy…or needy. Winning a share of Lotto? Wouldn’t that be disappointing? Greed is one of the world’s favourite sins.

But what if you asked the question to adpeople? Just that question – no brief, no expansion, no leading statements. The Stable did. Here’s what came back.


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This article was first published by The Stable on January 30th, 2018. 

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David Ponce Leon