The full service arms race: acquisitions and convergence in 2017

The changing needs of marketers and brands has given rise to the demand for full-service offerings from agency and management consultancy partners.
This article originally appeared in The Serve Issue, our October/November 2017 print edition of Marketing magazine.
In Marketing’s July 2012 issue, a feature titled ‘Digital Darwinism’ discussed how agencies found themselves competing against a wider range of firms, how a culture of ‘big data’ was invading organisations, and how the power of digital was being recognised in the boardroom. Agency and consultancy professionals interviewed at the time predicted a landscape where agencies would take a more active role in the end-to-end development of client campaigns, where marketing teams would work more closely with tech departments, and even where the digital agency would evolve into the experience agency.

Fast-forward to 2017, and big consultancies are getting bolder in their efforts to provide creative media and content solutions to cater to an ever-growing list of requirements.


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