“You Know With GIO” given fresh meaning with new brand campaign via Ogilvy Network

January 20th, 2022: Being certain about something is sadly a rare feeling in the third year of a global pandemic, but the latest iteration of the long-standing platform "You Know With GIO" aims to show that thanks to GIO and their staff, there's one thing you can be certain about, your insurance.

Mark Condon, GIO Marketing Manager, Mass Brands & Sponsorships, says: "We launched the 'You Know with GIO' brand platform in 2018 and the latest campaign builds on that now established proposition. In this new campaign we turn the spotlight around to our people and creatively demonstrate that GIO employees are truly the experts when it comes to insurance."

Mim Haysom, CMO/EGM Brand and Marketing, Suncorp Group, says: "We are thrilled to be launching our new brand campaign for GIO. It is a celebration of our people, and the confidence and certainty that their expertise and experience bring to our customers."

The new campaign "We know insurance, so you know you're covered" brings to life GIO staff's encyclopaedic knowledge and instinct for insurance, even in the most everyday, albeit unfortunate, moments. With their expert analysis they can help replace, repair, and assist with those unplanned incidents.

David Ponce de Leon, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy Australia, says: "This work was a long time coming thanks to another broken year, but we finally made it happen, and team members in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne all played a huge part. The thinking is fresh and the ambition is clear; inject new meaning and purpose into the existing brand line 'You know with GIO'."

"The new direction focuses on GIO staff's expertise, GIO customer's certainty and a selection of oddly familiar moments. Most importantly, the work creates a clear world for the GIO brand to own and operate in that we're sure will deliver growth", adds Chris Little, Group Creative Director, Ogilvy Australia.

The new work will roll out across TV, OOH, social, radio and digital channels over the coming months.

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