Experiences not exposures

Adobe Symposium - Day 2 

By Jason Davey, Head of Digital

Today I attended quite a few sessions in the Advertising track, and there was a resounding theme in all the talks - experience outperforms exposure when it comes to effectiveness.
Personalization at scale presents an opportunity to identify high performing creatives through being able to test lots of varying creatives quickly, however we need to balance the experience with exposure when it comes to display advertising. Frequencies must be managed.
Brands need to produce more engaging and entertaining advertising if they want to earn the right to access an audience via publishers. In the future, Publishers may introduce a ‘creative standard’ which all advertisers must meet in order to protect their user base. 
Our industry needs to improve the customer experience of advertising or fear the customer backlash.  Ads must be relevant and frequencies need to reflect levels of interest through the data we collect. 
Customers crave effortless experiences and convenience rules. These days, customers are 'channel-less' in the way they interact with your brand. They seamlessly shift between your ad on social media, your e-commerce site, call centre, email read on a mobile device etc - you get the picture. But more than making this experience connected, we need to recognise that customers are increasingly aware of digital marketing strategies in e-commerce. They are loading up their shopping cart and abandoning it on purpose, knowing that in 24hrs they will receive a 10% offer in their inbox!
And as we enter the era of conversational commerce where voice-driven intelligent agents become a common interface for customer interactions, we need to consider that sentiment analysis of voice search queries will soon be possible. This may impact your search ranking if you have lots of disgruntled voice queries for your brand!
The message is clear - we need to protect our customer relationships by providing relevant, meaningful and respectful experiences for our customers. Or someone else will.
Make your brand matter and focus on experiences, not exposures.


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