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Adobe Symposium - Day 1
By Jason Davey, Head of Digital
As a former designer it was hard not to feel excited arriving at the Adobe Symposium in Sydney today. 3,000 marketing and digital professionals converged on the convention centre to hear the latest industry trends, customer case studies, preview Adobe product demos and network with like-minded people.
And it wasn’t a disappointment.  The keynote speakers, including the Adobe CEO, Tourism Australia, Coca-Cola, OzHarvest and Cindy Gallup were inspiring as well as informative. I've captured some of the main takeaways and things that resonated with me to share with you.
  • Despite the recent step change in the accessibility/affordability of AI to businesses, only 9% of Australian companies are investing in AI and automation. It’s time to start learning, or get left behind.
  • People buy experiences, not products. If you are in the product business, you should approach your marketing as if you were a subscription business; nurturing your customers with continuous content and experiences to ensure they don’t ‘opt out’ and use your competitors.
  • Compelling and intuitive experiences are a competitive advantage. Deploy this weapon in your business and start reaping rewards.
  • Wire for intelligence: use data to drive insights and develop personalization that understands the context of the customer. 
  • Architect for Action; Legacy IT systems (ERP and CRM systems) were designed for a different era. They are reactive to business and customer needs and not adaptive and predictive as is needed in today’s world.
  • Digital marketing systems need a unified profile to manage the customer experience across multiple touchpoints. However, most people have different solutions managing various customer data. Each system uses a different way to categorise a customer interaction: a ‘member’ in your email system, a ‘visitor’ in your web analytics system, a ‘user’ in your A/B Testing platform, an ‘impression’ in your display report, a ‘cookie’ on your website. They could all be the same person. You need a taxonomy strategy and technology solution to manage and connect the various technologies and data profiles.
  • Experience Design teams require organisational trust to be successful. They need to be given the guidelines and freedom to make decisions, trial and learn. This includes permission to make the odd mistake. Engender trust to be successful.
  • We shouldn’t fear Artificial Intelligence. If you think about it, the calculator was a form of artificial intelligence when it was invented - yet it didn’t replace mathematicians or accountants, it helped them. The lawn mower created the sports industry. Electricity created the movie industry. AI is going to change the world in ways we can’t predict, and as long we maintain discussion around equality and accessibility of this tool, humanity will prevail.
If you’re at the Symposium don’t forget to drop by our stand and say hi to one of our friendly team, and have a chat.

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