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The start-ups, independent retailers and family businesses that give our neighbourhoods their colour, character and convenience are under threat. And if small businesses disappear, the local jobs and investment they provide to our communities will disappear too.


With the insight that 91% of Australians would miss the small businesses in their area if they were to close, we created a movement aimed at galvanising a nation to support the very businesses that are most susceptible to economic change. 


We created the Shop Small Movement – and rallied 20+ million Australians to support the small businesses that make their neighbourhood their neighbourhood.

Throughout November we ran ads on TV, radio, press, posters, and online, encouraging everyone to 'Think Big. Shop Small'.

We targeted Amex Card Members with a very special 'Spend $20, get $10 back' offer via emails, banner ads, and ads on the Amex website.

And we created the Shop Small website itself – which lives on long after November as a reminder to keep shopping small all year-round.


We also made sure Card Members knew where to take advantage of the offer, by giving Amex-accepting retailers Shop Small window posters, door stickers and point-of-purchase materials.

Finally, we encouraged small businesses themselves to get involved, by inviting them to create their own online or print ad, with media donated by American Express.


Over 74,000 American Express Card Members registered their Card for the offer. And over 3,000,000 Amex transactions were made during November alone.

More than 90,000 small businesses got involved in the campaign.

The movement generated hours of TV time – from breakfast television to local news reports – and hundreds of articles and interviews in print and online. In fact, over 12 million people were reached via social media.

Good will towards the American Express brand soared among non-Card Members – not just during November, but for months afterwards.

Most of all, the campaign brought much-needed extra business to the small businesses of Australia – whether they accepted American Express Cards or not.

And we did it all again in 2015 ... even bigger.


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