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AAMI Rhonda & Ketut



Since launching AAMI’s ‘What about Me’ and ‘Fair’ campaigns in 2009 and 2010, motor insurance had become a much more cluttered and competitive market with a number of new competitors offering a variety of highly competitive, price driven offers. In response, we saw the importance in having a price driven offer, whilst still communicating AAMI’s unique Safe Driver Rewards product. In short, the challenge of this campaign was to both evolve the Safe Driver Rewards offering in a way that’s still engaging to consumers whilst still incorporating a rational, price focused benefit.


Leveraging our strategy off the same consumer insight from our previous Safe Driver Rewards campaigns, we developed our creative around a different executional idea. The idea being that AAMI recognises and celebrates safe drivers, and in doing so offers them up to 15% discount on their insurance premiums.


This idea was brought to life through a central character called Rhonda, who was being celebrated on a grand scale for her safe driving. 


We applauded Rhonda through various channels including:  TV, Online content, Social, Press, Outdoor, Transit, Digital display, DM & eDM’s, Merchandise, Activations, PR & Blogger outreach, Consumer promotions.Following the success of the Applause campaign, Rhonda was re-introduced to Australia with another two commercials where she ventured to Bali, enjoying the spoils of the savings she made from being a Safe Driver Rewards customer. She also found an exciting love interest in the form of Ketut. In addition to the above, we partnered with Pacific Magazines & Yahoo7 to leverage Ketut’s popularity through the WHO Sexiest People campaign in 2013. We also ensured the campaign was leveraged through all of AAMI’s existing sponsorships including Hamish & Andy, Ch7’s broadcast of the AFL, Ch10’s broadcast of the T20 Big Bash, A Day on the Green, AAMI Victoria Derby Day & the AAMI Classic. Every piece of communication celebrated Rhonda’s safe driving and communicated the 15% discount that safe drivers like Rhonda can receive with AAMI Safe Driver Rewards.


AAMI experienced an increase of over 20% YOY in new business opportunities in the period of October 2011 – December 2013; an astonishing increase in a mature market with relatively no growth. Arguably just as important as these results, has been the popularity of the campaign amongst Australians. Not only has the campaign entered the Aussie vernacular with phrases like ‘You look hot, like a sunrise!’ and ‘Rhonda is Mine’ but you can now find a selection of Rhonda T-shirts and singlets for sale at nearly every market on Kuta beach.