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The marketing landscape has changeD FOREVER. 

Where purchase decisions were linear, they’re now a complex web of information and influence. 

Where engagement models were simple and proven, most are chaotic and unreliable.  In this post-digital age, marketers need a post digital agency.   One with a strong philosophy built on what matters.

On giving brands purpose, gaining trust, building connections, and standing out in meaningful ways. At Ogilvy we believe in the power of modern creativity to deliver business effectiveness – our twin peaks. 


Our new agency model is agile, fluid and continuous. 

Built on using data to inform customer journeys and behaviours, then using specialised skills to engage and influence.

We bring more diverse expertise to a business problem than any other agency. 


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Ogilvy worldwide is one of the largest marketing communications networks in the world, currently employing over 10,000 people across 450 international offices and 120 countries. Ogilvy won the ‘Network of the Year’ at the Cannes Lions festival In 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 and the ‘Network of the Year’ award at the Effies in 2012, 2013, 2014 – brilliant creativity with excellent results.

At Ogilvy Australia, we have over 350 employees, located in our three major offices – Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane – and we are well supported by the global Ogilvy network.


Our ownership structure

WPP AUNZ - Australasia’s leading marketing content and communications services group - is a 100% shareholder in Ogilvy & Mather (Sydney) Pty Ltd.  WPP AUNZ is 67.5% owned by the WPP Group PLC.   WPP is one of the world’s largest communication services groups, employing 110,000 people in over 106 countries.